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Kettlebell Workout „Zeus“ – ONLY ONE Exercise For 15 Minutes


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The Zeus Kettlebell Workout consists out of 1 exercise. In kettlebell terms, we would call this a flow since it combines three exercises into one.This workout uses a similar approach as Dan John’s Armor build complex

We train the full body and we respect the different amounts of force each muscle can produce. The three exercises we use to we melt them into one; creating a powerful flow are:

– Double Clean
– Strict Press
– Overhead Squat

For this workout, your fitness level as well as your kettlebell technique have to be advanced and you need two heavy kettlebells. For men, this would mean 2×20 kg and for women 2×12 kg.

Even though this combination has a gruesome and yet powerful effect on your body, the protocol is incredibly simple. We use the so called “Rest Pause” method. This means we drop the weight every time we finish a rep for a quick breather.

So here’s the simple protocol:
– 10 sets for 5 reps
– Enough rest in between sets
– Total duration: 15 minutes

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