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Flow Movement by Marlo Fisken: Hip Bridge to Hitch Kick Flow (Fitness / Exercise)


This week’s exercise is a Hip Bridge to Hitch Kick Flow. There will be many more Flow Movement hip bridge variations. Start with this video to build a strong foundation. Flow Movement® is an exercise and apparel brand created by fitness/dance expert Marlo Fisken.

When movement, awareness and rhythm merge, you enter a state of flow. In flow, you surpass goals, refresh your mindstate, and become your own inspiration.

The Flow Movement® brand was developed by dance / fitness expert Marlo Fisken. Inspired by yoga, athletic conditioning, acrobatics and a lifetime of dance, the movements are born out of a desire to combine these forms into something fresh, balanced, and diverse.

Flow Movement® exercises range from subtle, awareness building floor sequences to complex conditioning and acrobatic drills. Every exercise is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the challenge of fluidity.

For more information about the creator of Flow Movement®, Marlo Fisken, please see

Filmed at Body & Pole NYC
Music by Maya Jane Coles, “Fall from Grace” (feat. Catherine Pockson)
Please consult a physician before beginning any new fitness program. I am not responsible for any flow related injuries. Follow at your own risk.


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