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Part of making an EASY & FAST breakfast protein shake! If you’re tight on time, this breakfast recipe is for you!

– Choice of protein shake (I used Dymatize ISO100 Vanilla Whey Protein)
– 1 Banana
– Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

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When did you start working out?
I started working out in January 2014 in my college freshmen spring semester. I would mostly do cardio and started doing a little bit of weight training (mostly HIIT). I decided to join a gym that had weight lifting classes in October 2017 and have been very consistent since then! I mostly focus on weight training and some cardio.

About me:
I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise and Sports Science in May 2018 and am passionate about fitness, nutrition, exercise science, creating healthy habits, and following a plan that works best for YOUR lifestyle and circumstances. One of my biggest goals is to help other people start their fitness journey and find a plan that works for their lifestyle to be able to maintain it in the everyday life.


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